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Forces War Records Blog


Blogger: GemSen. Now you can upload your GEDCOM files to the brand new Forces War Records Family Tree feature... Do you have a family tree? Perhaps you have some vital pieces of your genealogy research missing? Don’t give up your quest – simply try a different tree-lined avenue and use our new genealogy feature, which allows you to import your existing family tree at the click of a button with your GEDCOM files. Take advantage of the company’s extensive record collection and fill in the missing gaps with potential information, often missing from other, more general genealogy sites.
Forces War Records GEDCOM example. Forces War Records GEDCOM example.

Forces War Records is a niche site that focuses purely on military genealogy aiming to provide you with the specific information that you are seeking. If you come across any new genealogy information while searching the records on the site you can instantly add it to your digital family tree effortlessly, without having to remember anything or write it down. And you can even search for new records from your family tree. The ultimate in convenience - our family tree feature will also cross-reference the facts you enter with the Forces War records database of information – helping you fill in any missing pieces to your genealogy research. The more facts you add the more Forces War Records can help your tree blossom. An easy way of organising and sharing your family history, this brand new feature aims to make keeping track of your roots a simple and fun experience while helping you evolve your research. Just like the rest of the Forces War Records site, this new feature is easy to navigate and your information will be stored clearly and safely. Then you can share your tree with other family members who can then add their own information. What a great way to get your family together, past and present. As a company we are constantly evolving and adding lots of new records and features to our site which could mean brand new insight for you. Another great thing that we've recently added to the site is the option to purchase replica war medals - a great way to remember your family's war heroes and their achievements. One for the diary Also, on the 7th July you might want to visit the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain (JGSGB) Fair, of which Forces War Records are Gold Sponsors. At the Fair, we will have ‘The British Jewry Book of Honour’ and the Forces War Records website available to browse for free, with experienced researchers on hand to answer your queries. The Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain (JGSGB) Family History Fair will be held in the De Vere Village Urban Resort in Elstree, Hertfordshire, on 7th July 2013. The main hall will provide space for exhibitors and vendors of all things involving genealogy, plus other products and services. Take a look at and see how we can help you in your military genealogy research.
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