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Forces War Records Blog


The funding will ensure school visits to the Heugh Gun Battery The funding will ensure school visits to the Heugh Gun Battery

The story of World War I will be brought to life on Teesside with support from the Arts Council.

The £394,775 grant follows a successful bid to the Renaissance Strategic Fund. Projects to mark the centenary of the outbreak if war in 1914 will include exhibitions, drama performances and school visits to the Heugh Gun Battery. Hartlepool, along with Whitby and Scarborough, was the first place in Britain to be bombarded by the Germans during World War I. More than 100 people died and hundreds were wounded by shells fired from German cruisers off the north-east coast on 16 December 1914. Alison Clark-Jenkins, regional director, Arts Council England, said: "This project aims to bring the story of the war to life, to root an understanding of it in local events and artefacts, and to reveal the profound social impact it had on every section of society." David Worthington, head of culture and information at Hartlepool Council, said: "We aim to commemorate this momentous period in both the country and Hartlepool's history. "This is a great opportunity to bring World War I to generations who have no direct connection with the conflict." Source: BBC News Via: Forces War Records Blog.   
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