Reunion at Loch Ewe for Arctic Convoys veterans

Veterans of World War II's Russian Arctic Convoys are to meet for a reunion at the Scottish loch where many of the supply missions sailed from.
The Arctic convoy crews worked to keep supplies flowing through German blockades to Britain's ally, the Soviet Union, in Operation Dervish. Last month, the Ministry of Defence agreed a design for a medal recognising their bravery. More than 40 veterans are expected to gather at Loch Ewe in May. Some have not been back to the sea loch in Wester Ross since the end of the war. The Russian Arctic Convoy Museum Group has organised the reunion as part of its Arctic Convoys Week, which will run from 6-11 May. All the veterans are about 90 years old and include Jock Dempster, from Dunbar, who has made frequent visits to Loch Ewe. Between 1941 and 1945, merchant ships left the loch and also the Clyde and ports in Iceland for the then Soviet Union to deliver supplies, weapons and ammunition. Great Britain, the US and Canada were involved in shipping the supplies. PQ17 was the most disastrous and infamous of the convoys. In July 1942, more than 20 vessels were sunk following orders to scatter because of fears of an attack by warships including the Tirpitz. Source: BBC News Via Forces War Records Blog.
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