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Nowhere in Europe do not have the original of the tank. A copy is in the museum in Munster. The wreck lies in Wieprz near Lubartow at a depth of about four meters. Its at the bottom of the river and  the bottom of the tank portion and rear track can be seen, said a member of the group said Reconstructive 8 Legions Infantry Regiment of Kock, Kamil Zydlewski. The dimensions of the wreck and its shape suggests that it may be German tank A7V of the First World War. We checked that does not fit into any other equipment. We want to extract and reconstruct - added Zydlewski. The wreck was found during searches in Wieprz remnants of the battle of Kock, the last great battle fought September 1939 in the area by soldiers of Independent Operational Group General Franciszek Kleeberg of German troops. Last fall, the wreck has been carefully watched by the diver, reconstructive confronted members of the group plans to find a tank A7V obtained from the archives of Dresden. Now raise funds for the extraction of the wreck. They have already promised to help local authorities and Lubartow Kock. The A7V could be used as an artillery tractor in the Polish Army, which in 1920 Wieprz was moving on the offensive against the Bolsheviks - says Zydlewski. In his opinion before the tank, but rather its chassis, in Poland could be in private hands. After World War I the German tanks, without arms, were sold to private buyers to serve as tractors to transport tree trunks. When war broke out with Russia, this type of equipment was requisitioned for the army - like Zydlewski. Germans produced in 1918, only several dozen tanks A7V. These were the machines of approximately 9 m, a width of 4 meters and a height of 3 meters. Their equipment was a cannon and six machine guns, the crew consisted of a dozen people. It would a been a very valuable exhibit - Zydlewski considered. source: konflikty.wp.p

German A7V Tank
German A7V Tank
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