About Us

Forces War Records has been transcribing records from a multitude of sources (The National Archives, Military & Regimental Museums, private collections etc.) in the UK since 2010. The site is owned and operated by Clever Digit Media Ltd part of the Ancestry family since May 2021.

All Clever Digit Media employees work in our UK offices.

Our Collections List is vast and we have many exclusive records. If there's a record you're after that you simply can't get anywhere else but we don't yet hold it - watch this space!

All our records contain all the information from the original source, and more besides. If some info you're looking for isn't on the record, it's because it isn't available from this collection.

Military records generally don't hold information available in civilian records such as date and place of birth or other useful information suchas this. The majority were hastily written down by an enlistment officer who was very often more interested in seeing them in service or on the front line than worrying about the legibility of his hand writing!

Records hold a huge amount of differing information, with some records holding 20 or more different fields of information on your ancestor, but some collections like Army lists can hold just 6 or 7.

We add as much information we can and extrapolate everything into laymans terms, so that when you view a record, you will see not only the record information, but also information on the regiment, unit, base or ship your ancestor served in/on, the battles they may have fought in, information on medals they may have been awarded, photos of their time etc. all painting a picture of what life was really like for you ancestor that a name record simply can't achieve.

Finally, we also have a Historic Documents Library that already holds over two thousand publications some more than a hundred years old that is automatically cross referenced each time you search for an ancestor or other piece of information on our site, and if anything matches we will show you an article from a publication that also gives you information on your ancestors life.

We do hope you find the site a useful resource and mention the site to others. If you do need any further help our online support staff are waiting to help you, and you can also ask questions in our open forums where other members and our own specialist genealogy researchers will also try to assist you with your quest.

Types of records we hold:

  • World War One
  • World War Two
  • Crimean War Databases
  • Boer War Databases
  • African Wars Databases
  • Indian Mutiny Databases
  • Napoleonic Wars Databases (including Waterloo and Trafalgar)
  • Medal Rolls
  • Individual Battle Data
  • Other Wars Casualties Lists
  • Prisoner of War Records
  • Royal Marines Databases
  • Fighter & Bomber Command Losses
  • Fleet Air Arm Data
  • RFC/RAF List
  • RN Losses
  • Shot at Dawn Database
  • and lots more! ...

With thanks to David J Barnes, The National Archives, Commonwealth War Graves Commission, West Glamorgan Archives, Kevin Asplin, Jack Marshall, Justmedals, the Japanese POW Research Network, Mansell.com, TaiwanPow.org and many, many others for their help.

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