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Sent by Support (Bev) on : 02/10/2013 10:03:56

Dear Member,

You can search for friends by going to 'Find Friends' in the main menu.

Once on the find friends page you will see a wealth of options to help you in your search for friends.

Kind Regards,
Forces War Records Customer Care

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Your Original Message

hello sophie did not find anyone i know who i would like to find is m moran rsm 1RRF i believe he was commissioned after my discharge ________________________________ From: Sophie Edwards - Forces Reunited Customer Care [] Sent: 28 September 2013 07:53 To: TREVOR GIBBS Subject: Dear Trevor , These colleagues you served with are members on Forces Reunited, see if anyone you know has recently joined [] [] Dear Trevor, Please find below a list of friends you served with who have added photos to their profile, helping you reunite with them more easily. Please click on any of their names below to go directly to their profile and contact them, or visit Your Friends<> page to see all the members whom we have automatically matched for you. []<> Bill Adams<> Royal Regiment of Fusiliers 1968-1979 []<> Terence Allsopp<> Royal Regiment of Fusiliers 1974-1979 []<> Peter Almond<> Royal Regiment of Fusiliers 1980-2003 []<> Paul Andrews<> Royal Regiment of Fusiliers 1968-1984 []<> David Armstrong<> Royal Regiment of Fusiliers 1962-1988 []<> Paul Avison<> Royal Regiment of Fusiliers 1983-1992 []<> Alan Batey<> Royal Regiment of Fusiliers 1968-1983 []<> Frank Best<> Royal Regiment of Fusiliers 1984-1987 []<> Elliot Borthwick<> Royal Regiment of Fusiliers 1980-1982 []<> Donald Clark<> Royal Regiment of Fusiliers 1982-1984 Kind Regards, Sophie Forces Reunited Customer Care. Improve Your Profile Help others to find you by improving your profile. By adding a photo or unit details, it can really help you to get reunited. [] Add a Photo<> [] Add to details<> Visit our other sites [] Forces Shop<> [] Forces Genealogy<> [] Forces Discount<> [] Forces Dating<> Your Login Details Can't remember your login details? Retrieve Them<"> Here. Forces Reunited Ltd. Company No:4381547 Registered Address: PO BOX 3645, Bowerhill, Melksham, Wiltshire, SN12 6AJ Should you wish to unsubscribe to emails from Forces Reunited please visit here: Email Preferences<"> and modify your settings.

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