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Search for a name in our records

Search over 6 Million records

Forces War Records & Military Genealogy

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Hitting a brick wall?  Try our Researcher Service

If you've reached a dead end when looking for your military ancestors, don't despair!  Just because you haven't found it online doesn't mean it's not there, there are many records at the National Archives which have not yet been made available online.  That's where we can help...

Simply tell our researchers want you want to know, and if they think it is feasible, one of them will go to the National Archives on your behalf and dig out everything they can regarding your ancestor's service, and everything they find will be sent to you digitally via Forces War Records.

Naturally, every case is different, but a search could bring up any of the following, and more:

  • Full service record
  • Medal cards
  • Pension Records
  • Dates of promotion
  • Prisoner of war information
  • Information regarding injuries
  • Transfers between regiments

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